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quit it Julie can’t you see she’s trying to sulk

clulie motorcity

@allegro-designs GOOD IDEA I actually already had tentative designs for human Mutt and Blonde Thunder and this was just a great excuse to draw all of the Burners’ cars as totally awesome babes. There’s nothing wrong with the pinup versions I saw when I looked for humanizations of the Burners’ sweet rides, but tbqh I would def. rather smooch my versions.

blonde thunder don't screw with blonde thunder she has the need for speed she will race the shit out of you eue i like these ladies a lot i really love how all of these turned out honestly motorcity mutt mutt's hair is based on the color of the actual car's exhaust nine lives splickedydoodles stronghorn stronghorn's scarred up forehead is meant to parallel her battering ram b/c that's basically the human equivalent of a battering ram there's nothing wrong with sexy scantily-clad pinup humanizations but whiptail

crappy doodle of werewolf mike howling at the moon like a dork also cyclops Chuck trying not to make fun of him

drawin kit is that a thing? monstercity motorcity