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Parting the Red Sea With this staff, you shall do my wonders.

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In honor of this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Beshalach, let’s see what Moses likes to do in his free time! [Image Description: Two older gentlemen fishing in a meadow, by a lake. The waters in the lake are split. The man, wearing a blue tunic, on the left has a huge smile. The man on the right, wearing a reddish/brown tunick, says “Moses, stop it!”]

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Summary The Ethiopian Garima Gospels - both housed in Ethiopia’s Abba Garima Monastery - are the oldest known illuminated manuscripts in existence, earlier even than the Rabbula Gospels (c.586, Laurentian Library, Florence) from Syria. Consisting of two separate 10-inch-thick books - Garima 2 (the older text) and Garima 1 (the younger text) - written on goat skin and decorated with colourful...

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Moretto da Brescia - Moses and the Burning Bush. 1525

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And he presented to the world the L.A.W. Of God

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