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A mini-analysis of a scene during “When You Believe” originally posted in 2016 [x]. Before cymbals crash and the refrain of “When You Believe” begins, and before this little family is seen leading everyone out of Egypt, we get this close-up. It’s one of my favorite examples of a scene that works on both a broad and intimate narrative level. A seconds-long moment that draws on the son...

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The underworld god Ningishzida represented as two snakes on a staff. The types of snakes appear to be horned vipers. His name means “Lord of the Good Tree” according to Jacobsen. The staff predates the staff of Hermes and Moses, as well as symbols of the snake goddess of Egypt Wadjet. He is seen in the underworld with Gilgamesh, the hero, and Dumuzi the husband of the goddess Ishtar. He ...

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Anton Jaeger, Benno Bulang, Benjamin Jarvis, Lasse J., Moses, Henry Kitcher at TIAD

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Prince of Egypt was epic! Dreamworks make movies like this again! 🌟

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Moses found in the river. Fresco from Dura Europos synagogue. Syria, 254-255 I love the Dura Europos frescoes, and this image, with its multiple female figures, is a special favorite.

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