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etsy finds Morpheus temp tattoo | sleep sachet | bath bomb wood lantern | full moon necklace | candle print | dream oil | herbal tea opal moon necklace | poppy earrings | amethyst clusters &more for lwaxanaoftroi

etsy finds hellenic polytheism i hope you like it!! lwaxanaoftroi morpheus morpheus*

If having a christmas themed picture, let’s stick some people in some ugly sweaters :’D Harun’s not very happy mainly since, he’s feeling a little too toasty in that sweater. Morpheus don’t give a shit lol Stardragons and species © rynies cloneclone cuttleskulls

akemi art fanart finished harun morpheus seren sketches solyssa stardasher stardragon starrobber starshooter starsweeper starweaver

“Isn’t Forever Worth That?” An Alyssa/Morpheus Playlist Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson- “He’s magic and myth as strong as what I believe; a tragedy with more damage than a soul should see; I’m longing for love and the logical, but he’s only happy hysterical.” Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin- “Easy to find what’s wrong, harder to find what’s right; I believ...

ag howard aghowardwrites alyssa gardner i couldn't pick just one i know i have two kelly songs in there but both were so flawless for these two morpheus morpheus x alyssa noahczerny splintered splintered trilogy unhinged

Throwback to Cosplay SM again. I really, really enjoyed being up on that stage, performing my skit for everyone to see and throwing my glitter around ~~ Sandman is something that is very close to my heart and it have made me so happy beyond belief to hear from so many people that my cosplay performance made them want to check the comics out

cosplay cosplay sm dream cosplay dream of the endless king of dreams morpheus sandman cosplay the sandman

He’s my brother. And he’s an idiot! Big thanks to Anna Klevenbäck for taking the time to take photos of me and Karro; working with an actual photographer was a pleasure, and if you’re a cosplayer in the Stockholm area I’d definitely recommend her! Death | Dream | Photo

100 2017 comic con stockholm death of the endless dream of the endless finished cosplay morpheus morpheus cosplay neil gaiman sandman sandman comics sandman cosplay the sound of her wings

Yuki x Morpheus. I’m sorry for this. ;w; This is totally crack. Morpheus is from wastefulwishmaster

art jirachi morpheus shiny jirachi shiny uxie sketch uxie wastefulwishmaster yuki uxie

The Sandman by Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, and Tom McCraw

comics dream malcolm jones iii mike dringenberg morpheus neil gaiman sandman tom mccraw