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Throwback to Cosplay SM again. I really, really enjoyed being up on that stage, performing my skit for everyone to see and throwing my glitter around ~~ Sandman is something that is very close to my heart and it have made me so happy beyond belief to hear from so many people that my cosplay performance made them want to check the comics out

cosplay cosplay sm dream cosplay dream of the endless king of dreams morpheus sandman cosplay the sandman

The Sandman by Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, and Tom McCraw

comics dream malcolm jones iii mike dringenberg morpheus neil gaiman sandman tom mccraw

Day Two: What to Wear? The two guys get all their stuff together and get on the boat they’re taking to the island and Morpheus spends the duration of the ride people watching for cute guys lantern festival event hosted by @moymyog

acryl acryl kolinsky cuphead oc day two event lantern festival lantern festival day two morpheus morpheus is a big gay looking for some boys to smooch

A child of eyes and the Witch’s apprentice

enkin espeon morpheus pkmnart umberon

So, the Swedish Cosplay Championship is over and I still feel kinda like a zombie. There were a lot of mixed feelings but overall it was a really great event that I was happy to be a part of

cosplay cosplaysm dream cosplay dream of the endless morpheus neil gaiman the sandman

Day 1: You get ready to go on a trip. Acryl and Morpheus are going to the lantern festival and their friendship confuses people because of how often stuff like this happens lantern festival started/hosted by @moymyog

acryl acryl kolinsky and realistic to how i interact with my friends and then hug event its wild lantern festival lantern festival day one morpheus moymyog they just scream at one another theyre really good friends