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and before it’s another day laTE! a Mother’s Day(5/8/16) doodle of the yutagonists(minus judai’s) moMMIES! i rarely draw girls…specially ones with a bust *coughyoKO* but tis was fun to doodle the hero’s mums c: hope all y’all moms had a good day yesterday too ❤︎

5ds anime mom arc v happy mothers day if she did i would feel really bad but i asked my bro who've seen and read the manga so mira tsukumo mirai tsukumo moms mrs.fudo my art shi-kries art why is judai the only one who's ma never should ygo 5ds ygo dm yoko sakaki yugi's mom yugioh yugioh arc v yugioh duel monsters yugioh zexal zexal