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what i like about charlotte katakuri is the fact that he’s a tall and burly man and yet he ate a mochi-like devil fruit so he’s big and strong on the outside and soft, fluffy and sticky on the inside xD

charlotte katakuri mochi mochi no mi one piece

I was watching a video about the making of mochi and I discovered that who “beats” the mochi into the usu (mortar) calls this operation “mochi pounding”. Sincerely I never imagined that this attack would be named after a real stage in the making of mochi 😮

charlotte katakuri manga mochi mochi no mi mochi prepping one piece

Gomu Gomu no Mi: Who are you? Mochi Mochi no Mi: I'm you but stronger.

charlotte katakuri gomu gomu no mi mochi mochi no mi monkey d. luffy one piece

mochi-mochi-no-mi replied to your post : Looking at these “sexy” female OP figures makes me… SAME OH MY GOD I’m almost tempted to just start making a series of posts where I just post nothing but pictures of these terrible female OP figures that I find. Hahahaha. Because a lot of them are terrible. Nami on a toilet? Hancock masturbating? Ugh, all of them are, of course, nfsw, bu...

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~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~

~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~


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ONE PIECE CHAPTER 877 Monkey D. Luffy vs Charlotte Katakuri or as I like to think: Gomu Gomu vs Mochi Mochi

charlotte katakuri gomu gomu no mi luffy mochi mochi mochi mochi no mi monkey d. luffy one piece one piece chapter 877 one piece spoilers punch