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150508 Heechul IG Update: Today’s Music Bank hairstyle decision is up to you😀😀😀😀 #MusicBank #MnD #달수정 #MoonCrystal #SevenKnights #Bidam (cr:kimheenimupdates) #HEECHUL #HEENIM #KimHeechul #KimHeenim

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150507 Heechul IG Update: Starting tomorrow ‘달수정(Moon Crystal)’ 🌙🌙🌙🌙 #MnD #달수정 #MoonCrystal (Cr:kimheenimupdates) #HEECHUL #HEENIM #KimHeechul #KimHeenim

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“Find someone that looks at you like Eddie Redmayne looks at @dsetters.” wrote Toby Bryans on Twitter. I know Eddie is so kind, lovely……

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Eddie’s eyes are so expressive! But imagine if your eyes were all you could move. My dad’s best friend died from ALS/MND back when I was about 12. I just remember it being really horrifying & not really understanding what was happening to him - & that it happened really fast. He died only a year or so after being diagnosed & he wasn’t all that old. It is a devastating illness. For more...

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Powerful message Eddie Redmayne looms over Waterloo Station in London with his #MyEyesSay message for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Eddie became a patron of the organization after portraying Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Learn more about this campaign for MND Awareness Month at

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#MyEyesSay Acting with his eyes, heart and soul Eddie Redmayne portrayed the anguish of MND as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Join Eddie, who’s an MND Association patron, in supporting the MND Awareness Month #MyEyesSay campaign. This poster will appear Tuesday at Waterloo Station in London, and I’ll offer a treat for the first person who sends me a photo of it. Our frien...

eddie redmayne mnd mnd awareness month myeyessay stephen hawking theory of everything

In honor of MND awareness month, I took some screens from this awesome video which Eddie did for MND awareness month last year. In it, he introduces a wonderful poem composed & presented by Robert Davidson. Robert was diagnosed with MND in 2015 & sadly passed away in December 2016 at only 34 years old. His poem is beautiful: Fresh Breath by Robert Davidson One year since my diagnosis And in...

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Eddie Redmayne, Stephen Hawking and Benedict Cumberbatch are patrons of MND Association. They are supporting #MyEyesSay campaign. You can learn more here: JOIN THEM!!

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