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I know that Kuzuhamon has black hair but I wanted to make it like that so it will stand out better.and I think it looks better. :) (and orignaly wanted to do sakuyamon but I went with purple in the wrong spot xD) If you like what you see, then check out my blog. maybe you’ll find something else that you might like.

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“ A Place for you to REST” 18"x24" mixedmedia/collage Ali Massinople,2016 I do not normally talk about my art but I feel like talking about this piece the first of 2016. Creating this was a struggle not because it was challenging technically, it was not. What made it a challenge was my depression. Having to fight with it with every line and every piece of paper I cut. Depression makes every...

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009/365 So… I am very reluctant to post this 😭 but it goes to show that not every page will turn out as planned. This started out as poorly drawn figure studies… And I was so dissatisfied that I blocked out most of it with heavy ink washes and then used color pencil and gouache to pull this out of the mess. 😂😭 this if anything was a good experiment and challenge to not give up unti...

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DEVIANTART II ETSY STORE II FACEBOOK II INSTAGRAM This guy will get up for SALE in my etsy shop on friday 16/10 -15 so if you feel you are in need of a mighty and unique uniqorn steed you should go check that place out then~ ————- Untamed and free he roam the wilderness, leader and protector of his herd. They call him Storm, the strongest and wildest uniqorn of them all. You better ...

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DEVIANTART II ETSY STORE II FACEBOOK II INSTAGRAM Many appreciated her last time and therefore with a lot more details and some change, a tad more deer feel, a little more regal, the uniqorn winter spirit Snow is back! Or rather I should say her sister is. Winter is coming. 8D XP © 2015 Linda Escaron Lundqvist all rights reserved

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