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This photo is part of the Deck clothing Giveaway being run by FSNKLVR. The photo was taken by Funfere koroye and the rules are simple. Reblog once everyday, no more than that, until the end date stated by the brand. The announcement will be made here. check out the online store, anything in stock can be yours for the summer.

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beautiful MATCH, Mika? 😝😜😘 Bella la PARTITA eh?😀 ❤

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I can’t stop thinking about you, about that night… Best concert ever, best night ever. Me in the first row, you reading my paper sheet. We sang together, we cryed together during “Meat is Murder”. I am so sad now because everything is simply endend, and I’ll never see you again. But we were so close that night in Milan. So close. I’ll never forget. #morrisseytour2014 #milan #firstr...

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