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I am in gurenyuu hell (guren x yuu). Literally. I don’t exactly know how I started to ship it, but I know it started as a secondary ship (mikayuu as my main love) and slowly grew so much in my heart that now it’s one of my OTPs. But there are almost no fanfics (like 90% is smut/non-con/shota, which i hate) and fanart. I swear I started to make mmvs because of it ✗ submitted by: @s0lareuat

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you must be thirsty, Mika. Drink some of my blood and let’s run away together… Owari no Seraph Chapter 43

chuck tries to draw demon!yuu fanart hyakuya mikaela hyakuya yuuichirou mikayuu my art ons owari no seraph seraph of the end yuumika yuumikayuu

Oh my gosh. Dammit 😔😔😔 No!!! Yuu Chan!! 😞I swear I can’t believe it, it’s very cruel to my heart 💔💔💔💔💔 I’m sad & crying 😭😭😭

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