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---------------------------- Mika and Yuu♡ [Part 1 of 3]  ---------------------------- ( Source )

mika and yuu mikaela hyakuya mikayuu owari no serafu owari no seraph yuuchirou hyakuya yuumika

another one of my looooong post continue from this short doujin of mine Poor Ferid…I believe even him still feel hurt..being rejected by his son like this lol This an AU where all of them are human and live happily with their cute little family (they still have a point ears but yes..they’re human^^) anyway I’m fucked up with my life and I don’t even have time to draw as much like b...

crowley eusford doujin ferid bathory kurl mikayuu owari no serafu owari no seraph seraph of the end sketch manga

xnotchii123 : part. II is still in progress~  U_U  dj from chatting with lycheenyan san^_^ can read it in wordpress if you want bigger one 

mikayuu otp seraph of the end yaoi