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UP LANTERN PARADE + TAKAS-INOM MINI MEET UP feat. JAKE’S COLLEGE FRIENDS That night was a blast…. It started when I texted Mika to join me on UP Lantern Parade since it’s already our Christmas break and I do really want to watch the Lantern Parade since last year I was there. Then we met Melai, Shun, Jake, Vin, Lorna, Harold, Lovely, Ced(?), and Aped. We had some photobombs and the in...

121813 angbatangbaliw apedpangan chapamintuan eyesofbiophilac ivan jakepullsthetrigger korneeto lorna lovely marjmoko mikaela nailjed shunyown uplanternparade whereislemon zed

メイドさんと執事さん 最初は友達だけと話しました 「優ちゃん描こうよ」「くまさんもかいて」「ゆうちゃんがドレスを着てくれ」 …….それでこれになりましたwww

meberon art mikaela mikaela hyakuya mikayuu owari no seraph seraph of the end yuu-chan yuuichirou hyakuya yuumika ミカ優 終わりのセラフ

orphan black psd ( | a pastelish/brownish psd for orphan black screencaps. you may have to adjust curves, according with the scene. you can modify anything you want to, just don’t redistribute or claim as your own. like or reblog this post if you download and have fun! (template by mixsoucers)

92 mikaela ob psd orphan black orphan black psd psd psd for screencaps psds screencap psd stupidpsds
Hey hey if anyone see this add me ! And +1 xD

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Please no hate...

Hey hey if anyone see this add me ! And +1 xD #mika #mikaela #owari no seraph #nagoia Please no hate that's it XD

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