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*slaps table* i fu KCIGN!!! LOVE! octopus red!!!!

*slaps table* i fu KCIGN!!! LOVE! octopus red!!!!

to be honest, I do too

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Inktober day 4: Fairy Tale @yoralim made this beautiful Frans au with skeleton mermaid Sans and Royal Frisk. It reminds me of the Little Mermaid, even if that isn’t exactly the name of it. I’ve been itching to draw these two for a while now, so I’m really happy to have the excuse to do so! :D

....i was really scared when i sketched frisk's face also sans' tail was scary too but then it just worked out... somehow xwx frans frisk goosygander art hm i dont know what to call this au actually! it's like the little mermaid but slightly different? i was so happy with sans' hand in the water inktober 2018 inktober 2018 day 4 it just... it was pleasing to draw it looked so weird and i was honestly scared to ink it mermaid mermaid sans yoralim

Gift for @yoralim of Mermaid Sans x Princess Frisk ♥ I’m in love with it :3c I’ll post page 18 of the comic later today.

frans mermaid sans princess frisk yoralim