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Sea Mage and the Merhero by AthenaxVio for icecreamcadetjay

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JARCO WEEK DAY 7: AU FOR CHOICE . . YM015: Finally! last pic yaaayy! (sorry, drawing takes me long time ;-; Jarco Week @jarcoweekone !!! Sunday, January 28th: AU of Choice Jackie mermaid AU I chose this AU ‘cause I love Jackie mermaid AU this reminds me my old love to Barbie Movies xD so, I’m done with Jarco week and I loved the prompts (that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop drawin...

jackie lynn thomas jackie mermaid jackie mermaid au jackie x marco jarco jarcoweek jarcoweekafterparty jarcoweekone marco diaz marco x jackie mermaid au star vs las fuerzas del mal star vs. the forces of evil stvtfoe stvtfoe au

Collabs between me and @chellio Image one: Ichi: illunation // Kara: Chellio // Background: (line) Chellio (color) illunation Image two: Ichi: (sketch) illunation (line and color) Chellio Kara: (sketch) Chellio (line and color) illunation Background: (line) Chellio (color) illunation

at a aquarium chellio collab ichi ichimatsu illunation illunation art iro iromatsu kara karamatsu mermaid au the background line on the second one would be those jellyfishes lines

[[ That moment when you completely cannot sketch octopi but you adore @ask-aph-merman-arthur blog and want to make a sketch for them. I hope it’s okay ^^ I truly admire your artwork. It’s just so adorable.]]

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