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Beautiful work by Melbourne fine artist Adele @menteurmenteur - entitled Chasing visions of our future with oil paint #menteurmenteur #oilpainting #illustration #portrait #melbourneartist #lowbrowart #popsurrealism (at Studio Fezilla)

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I think being influenced by fads on the art scene is inevitable. Clichés only occur because they reference experiences that resonate with a large amount of people, which at the heart of it are very truthful things. People also tend to make their most honest work by drawing from what they know. I would argue that it’s only detrimental to your work if you’re not informed or self-critical eno...

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One of @menteurmenteur original oil paintings we have on display, you’ll need to see this one in person to appreciate its beauty #menteurmenteur #oilpainting #portrait #pastelcolours #art #melbourneartist #fezilla #studiofezilla (at Studio Fezilla)

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I just wanna say to my newest follower menteurmenteur: Your art is fucking amazing

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menteurmenteur started following you your art is so incredible i can’t even believe this

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