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WTF HAVE I DONE, AGHHHH MY STUPID HANDS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, MY HANDS, THEY DID IT AGAIN. I’ll never trust my hands again… I just.. doodled…msomething and yea.. i regret it. IT WAS TEACHER JP’S SHOES FAULT!!! (This was a joke from school, lmao.)

charadter design doodle enjoy...??? i hate my hands medibang oc

practice stuff + a wip from forever ago that i’ll never finish

medibang misc art my art paladins champions of the realm pcotr art pcotr furia practice

Little Chewy all grumpy , one of my friends likes poking him and this is his reaction.

digitalart medibang papyrus ud chewy underdarkness chewy underdarkness papyrus undertale undertale au

*doesnt continue 50 weeks of arting* whoops- (*゚▽゚*) XD I finally finished this drawing of my OC Sayoko~ I tried to foreshorten one of the legs but it just didn’t turn out right XDD But I think I did better with anatomy this time :3c Anyway, Sayoko is a kitsune OC (wHO SHOULD LOOK LIKE A CHILD BUT OK WHATEVS LOL) and has a twin brother named Satoko. Both of them use light magic and ...

( ´ ▽ ` ) anime anime art anime girl apple pencil applepencil artists on tumblr cute ipadart ipadpro ipadproart kawaii kitsune medibang medibang paint medibang paint pro momotenshie ocs momotenshieart my art my ocs oc original original art original character red sayoko sayoko is one of my fave ocs she’s so adorable white