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The Repco Gowans Celica at Muscle Car Masters today

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06.11.17 Haven’t really posted much lately but it’s reading week! Today I’m at Senate House Library Reading for my disso proposal

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“It would be absolutely ludicrous and completely laughable to believe that in order to resuscitate at the end of the sound of the great trumpet (within the grave) the bones will join the bones, such as Protestants, Catholics, Adventists, Presbyterians, etc., naively believe. Only those who do not possess divine understanding can accept such an absurdity. Therefore, the resurrection of the d...

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Excuse me while I weep over how perfect my kit is right now because it’s never been better and I’m really proud of myself :)

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PAR! Get on the green with the Masters App on U-verse TV. View a live broadcast of the tournament, as well as follow players’ scores. The Masters Application is an interactive channel on U-verse TV on CH 616 SD/1616 HD.

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