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sakumami. i luv😣😣 by H9Vo3 Please show the original artist your appreciation by liking and sharing their post. Translation and typesetting by Ray Distance.

h9vo3 idolmaster mamimi tanaka sakumami sakuya shirase scanlation shiny colors shirase sakuya short tanaka mamimi the idolm@ster shiny colors yuri

りさんのツイート: イケメン咲耶よくばりハッピーセットか…?

hair styles mamimi tanaka sakuya shirase shirase sakuya tanaka mamimi the idolm@ster the idolm@ster shiny colors

•.¸¸.ஐ ▫ Created By: || ☆よもさか☆ ☆ ◇ respective credits to the creator☆▫ ஐ..• ⓟⒶⓇⒶⒹⒾⓈⒺ♡ⓎⓊⓇⒾ

art by cute fanart yuri girls love gl idolmaster shiny colors mamimi tanaka please support the artist in twitter sakuya shirase yomosaka yuri よもさか

今年もよろしくお願いします🙏🙏 | sagusa ※Permission granted by the artist to reprint their artwork. Please do not remove the credits. Also, make sure to support the artist by liking/bookmarking!

idolm@ster mamimi tanaka reprint sagusa shiny colors tanaka mamimi the idolm@ster shiny colors