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June 2018: Maiko Umechie (Umeno Okiya) of Kamishichiken performing a dance, while JIkata Geiko Katsuna (Daimonji Okiya) plays the shamisen and sings. Source: S.Okuda on Instagram

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February 2018: Maiko Umechie (Umeno Okiya) of Kamishichiken kneeling down to pet a cat. Source: Katsu H. on Instagram

comb geigi geiko geisha hair hair ornament hairpin hairstyle japan japanese kamishichiken karyukai kimono komon komon kimono kosode kushi maezashi maiko ofuku ofuku hairstyle umechie umeno okiya

Maiko Umechie in casual attire (SOURCE)

2014 kamishichiken kimono maiko november umechie umeno

flower / people / portrait / face / japanese / beauty : maiko, kyoto japan / canon 7d  日本・京都 舞妓 梅らくさん by momoyama on Flickr.

7d asia asian baikasai beautiful beauty canon culture ef 85mm f1.8 festival geiko geisha girl japan japanese kamishichiken kanzashi kimono kyoto maiko plum blossom festival traditional travel umeraku 上七軒 京都 日本 梅らく 梅花祭 舞妓

in a September evening #10 by Onihide on Flickr. Pocchiri are the decorative “broaches” (Sorry, a Broach is the closest Western thing I could think to compare it too) That maiko wear held up with the obijime in front of their obi ^^ All the jewels are real, many feature pearls, diamonds, jade, amber, all sorts of precious stones~ Though they are the smallest thing a Maiko will wear, they a...

ayano culture customs evening fukuhima geiko geisha gionkobu japan japanese jewelry kimono kuromontsuki kyoto maiko pocchiri september ぽっちり 彩乃 祇園甲部 福嶋