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Geekscape of the Day: Abrakydaxis
Artist: Halil URAL Visit: .

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*Geekscape of the Day:* *Abrakydaxis* Artist: Halil URAL Visit: . *Want more?* Visit us over at and see all of the archives and subscribe via RSS so you never miss an image! Have a listen to our *Geek Questioner Podcast!* Here is the latest episode: #fantasy #dragon #magic #serpent #monster #creature #gsotd #gsotd2017

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I’ve got no idea why, but I just thought of this! Maybe I’ve been watching too much harry potter-esque stuff lately. What can I say? I love magic schools! I sort of combined elements from Harry Potter and Little Witch Academia. Here Zim is a wanna-be wizard who wishes to become a grand mage and attends an all-Irken magic academy (whose name I have yet to figure out), but is terrible at it...

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A Winter Holiday Envelope Spell to help your packages and gifts arrive safely! Needed: - An Envelope in the color of your choice - A cotton ball - Orange essential oil - Pine needles - A little bit of Basil. - Cinnamon (sticks or powder, either works) - Quartz shards - Paper and Pen Steps: - Light your candle - Put your Cinnamon inside the envelope - Follow it with pine needles - Sprinkle in...

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