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In DEITIES verse, “forms” and “features” refer to transformations and hybrid traits that can be maintained for extended periods of time, and can also be accessed without the aid of additional objects, instruments, or weapons. These forms do not necessarily affect the level of power, access to magic, or behavior of deities, though some forms are easier to maintain than others. [They incl...

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New Rubi Whipple is up! Chapter 5, Page 26 - Rubi Whipple Webcomic - My Patreon - Buy me a Ko-fi

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Artist: Mark Poole Card Name: Jungle Patrol Card Number: no 121 Card Text: [1][Green],[Tap]: Put a 0/1 green Wall creature token with defender named Wood onto the battlefield. Sacrifice a token named Wood: Add[Red]to your mana pool. Community Rating: 3 to 3.99 Converted Mana Cost: 4 Expansion: Mirage Mana Cost: [3][Green] P⁄T: 3 ⁄ 2 Rarity: Rare Types: Creature — Human Soldier

3 to 3.99 3 ⁄ 2 4 [3][green] creature — human soldier gatherer jungle patrol magic magic the gathering mark poole mid 3392 mirage mtg no 121 rare

“Curse for a Broken Heart”  Available at Hyaena Gallery for their October show, “I Put a Spell on You: Curses and Hexes”

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Random pony painting. Trixie is annoying but also kinda lovable.

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*Sailor Magic:* So, to answer your question: We are all Sailor Scouts of Friendship! I’m the only Sailor Scout that can split your atoms apart with magic however! Do you have a question for the Sailor Ponies - **

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