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It was a battle between Post Malone and our boys. 😭 I didnt doubt it for a second that they would get the number 1 spot. I know it! BTS and ARMY always make it happen and because they truly deserved to be number 1. So happy! 😍 @bts.bighitofficial #LYTear1onBB200


TWITTER 28.05.18 - Jin “ #1 en Billboard 200… Muchas gracias por dejarme escuchar esta buena noticia tan pronto como me desperté. Es extraño, increíble y muy poco realista ㅠㅠ ¡gracias a todos los que escucharon nuestra música! ¡Estaré Trabajando más duro en el futuro!


Taehyung’s tweet: 감사합니다 정말 감샇합니다 💜 Trans: Thank you Really Thank you 💜 @bts.bighitofficial #LYTear1onBB200 #KimTaehyung

kimtaehyung lytear1onbb200

Surreal — 😍 Taehyung’s tweet: Thank you Really, Thank you 💜 @bts.bighitofficial #LYTear1onBB200


🌿J-Hope’s Twitter Update 🌿 Thank you PUMA 🤩💓👍 Card Trans: Our sincerest congratulations to BTS on your No.1 placing on Billboard 200 chart! ______________________________ Trans © BTS_Trans (Twitter)

BTS LYTear1onBB200 amazing bangtan bangtan boys i love them i'm so proud im so happy jhope jin jungkook legends min yoongi namjoon park jimin taehyung the best they deserve it this is so cute

Translation of President Moon’s @moonriver365 letter to BTS & ARMY “I also cheer on the fanclub ‘ARMY’ that is making their voice heard to the world together with @BTS_twt BTS.” I’m so moved by his kind words & recognition of the boys’ work. #LYTear1onBB200 // hopekidoki

LYTear1onBB200 bangtan bts