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Translation of President Moon’s @moonriver365 letter to BTS & ARMY “I also cheer on the fanclub ‘ARMY’ that is making their voice heard to the world together with @BTS_twt BTS.” I’m so moved by his kind words & recognition of the boys’ work. #LYTear1onBB200 // hopekidoki

LYTear1onBB200 bangtan bts

RT @WITH_JIN_1204: #LYTear1onBB200 역사책에 나와야해 방탄소년단 어쩜 모든 행보 하나하나가 기적이�


It was a battle between Post Malone and our boys. 😭 I didnt doubt it for a second that they would get the number 1 spot. I know it! BTS and ARMY always make it happen and because they truly deserved to be number 1. So happy! 😍 @bts.bighitofficial #LYTear1onBB200


RT @shimmeringjimin: them: what are u thinking about? me: oh nothing my brain: #LYTear1onBB200


TWITTER 28.05.18 - Jin “ #1 en Billboard 200… Muchas gracias por dejarme escuchar esta buena noticia tan pronto como me desperté. Es extraño, increíble y muy poco realista ㅠㅠ ¡gracias a todos los que escucharon nuestra música! ¡Estaré Trabajando más duro en el futuro!


RT @HoneyJoonie94: 180527 Aladdin Fansign He's the best gift I have ever received in my life. He's the warmest light, brightest star, and�

🌿J-Hope’s Twitter Update 🌿 Thank you PUMA 🤩💓👍 Card Trans: Our sincerest congratulations to BTS on your No.1 placing on Billboard 200 chart! ______________________________ Trans © BTS_Trans (Twitter)

BTS LYTear1onBB200 amazing bangtan bangtan boys i love them i'm so proud im so happy jhope jin jungkook legends min yoongi namjoon park jimin taehyung the best they deserve it this is so cute