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Empty tent

Empty tent

The charr were singing again. It grated after a while. it was always about blood, death, honour.. things Temmy felt were frankly fairly silly. He could get some of the Iron Legion when they started talking rifle modifications, but after enough rotgut went around, the world turned into the charr homelands pretty fast. And if there was one place Temmy wasn’t very interested in travelling just...

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I Wonder as I Wander Benjamin Luxon I love Mr. Luxon’s voice, maybe because I grew up listening to him sing folk music.

benjamin luxon carol fest carol fest 2014 i wonder i wonder as i wander luxon

2 VII 2015 Luxon - Sunday Afternoon

luxon muzyka nuta na dziś polska muzyka

“I’m glad you’re here,” the Captain spoke quietly to the Elder. “With the return of both my daughter and son, there will be some changes.” “Changes?” the old woman inquired, head tilted slightly. Her milky, near sightless gaze peered out from the heavily tattooed skin on her face to rest on the shadow of Adrastos’ form. “In what manner?” “I intend to make myself availa...

adara adrastos seruviale gw2 i'm glad you're here luxon turtle clan writing prompt

24 VI 2015 Luxon - Half Man Half Amazing

luxon muzyka nuta na dziś polska muzyka

Finishing Move Friday: Luxon & Bradyon - Code T2 Rise

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16 VII 2015 Luxon - Let Em Know

luxon muzyka nuta na dziś polska muzyka