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Did my own version of Lupin III and the gang while I was bingeing the movies and series at the beginning of the year. I wanted to do them in a slightly more realistic, but still stylish way at the same time. I’ll definitely go back to do them again sometime soon.

anime anime art arsene lupin iii artwork character art cowboy drawing fanart femme fatale fujiko mine goemon ishikawa xiii icpo inspector zenigata jigen daisuke lupin iii lupin the third monkeypunch poster art samurai seinen sketching thief

Yasuo Yamada (1932-1995), the OG and best Lupin III!! So, um, nobody told me he could’ve totally played Lupin in live action, I mean look at him!! And with his successor Kanichi Kurita, they’ve got a nice little alliteration streak going.

lupin iii yasuo yamada

Translation team: So uh how do we translate Монета (russ: coin) Translation team: I mean what english speaker would recognise this as having to do with money Translation team: Let’s name him Monety!!! (Also the wordplay on Zenigata’s name starting with “zeni” = “money” is cute)

ep 20 lupin iii part 5 zenigata