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Stephen Mackey Songless. 2017, oll on wood, 13 x 10 cm

art contemporary art lowbrow art painting pop surrealism stephen mackey

Another random notepad doodle.

birds doodle lowbrow art pen surrealism tascott

I’ve done some of these whale paintings in the past and decided to do a revamp!

art artist before and after crystal mielcarek cute drawing kawaii lowbrow art painting smushbox space space whale spacey stars watercolor whales

“Just hanging out with my peeps over Easter break” This taxidermy sculpture was part of a series of dyed taxidermy chicks I began making about 10 years ago. Dyed animals are one of the contributions I’m noted for introducing to the genre of rogue taxidermy (taxidermy art) and they are considered among my signature pieces, however I have retired my chicks and I’m no longer creating th...

contemporary art lowbrow art pop surrealism rogue taxidermy taxidermy art

Drawing in my Moleskine for a painting. I think I would like to add more negative space above the girl’s head when I begin on the painting.

art drawing lowbrow lowbrow art moleskine pathos pop surrealism prismacolor sketchbook tascott thomas ascott