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finally gave in and made a facebook ! you can visit it here, give me a like and get updates straight to your facebook feed. (or you can just search for menteurmenteur on facebook)

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The line art Jonathon Engine commissioned me to make for his Graveyard Greg line of toys. Looking forward to making a figure with him.

horror lowbrow art monster skeleton skeleton king

Pssst. We can’t keep it a secret any longer…. A brand NEW Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is coming in 2018. Bigger, bolder, better, at one third of the price of previous issues! . Get your Print Subscription today ~ 12 month 24 month

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The Joys of Toys exhibit is now available for online viewing and purchasing through Gallery1988! Curated by the awesome Cuddly Rigor Mortis, the show brought together a plethora of artists to celebrate all things Mattel. [ buy some art ] Pieces shown by: Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Jellykoe, Bennett Slater, Bruce Parker, Crowded Teeth, Jerrod Maruyama, Matt Gordon, 64 Colors, Kill Taupe & Leilani Joy

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