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I am very happy to announce that I will be participating in @uncmnsd Steven Universe art show at @donutpanicsd on April 8th! I am working on several pieces for the show along with other artists. It will be an exciting event and I hope to see some of you there. • • • #su #sandiegoartists #stevenuniverse #loishgroup #donutpanicsd (at Donut Panic)

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I’m pretty late on the #drawthisinyourstyle bandwagon but I couldn’t miss this opportunity! I can easily say @loisvb ‘s artwork made me realize what I wanted to do with mine and inspired me since the first time I saw them. Do you have an artist you look up to? ✨ . . . . ☕️ Want to support my art? Check my Ko-Fi link on my profile! 💖 . . . #loishredraw #artoftheday #illust...

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week. I am currently trying to finish my last piece for @uncmnsd ‘s Steven Universe art show this Sunday at 6pm! It is located at @donutpanicsd 🍩 It’s going to be great. For the twinkle sparkles effect, I used the app kirakira. Have a good rest of your Thursday. ☺️💕 • • • #suopal #illustrations #illustrationinprogress ...

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This drawing has been stressing me all day so I’m just gonna leave it here and then hopefully forget about it 😩😂 #illustratorsofig #ipadart #illustrationgram #digitaldrawing #loishgroup

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294/365 Finally finished my last commission. I had some awful sore muscles that kept me from drawing for the past days but they’re getting better now and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be sble to start sketching for my upcoming project. 😊 #art #digitalart #commission #painting #draenei #wow #fantasy #portrait #loishgroup #instaart #artistsoninstagram

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It’s been a while since I last had something worthy of two slides, but here it goes: sketch vs. finished illustation. Friends that make everything a competition are the best. #loishgroup #myartwork #originalcharacter #AlexPorter #TrentDaniels #digitalart

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Hello everyone!! Happy Monday. Here are some preview shots of two pieces of mine in a special tribute zine for the Jonghyun Kim from SHINee. Rest In Peace shining angel. All the profits for the art zine goes towards the charity SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices Of Education). You can preorder a physical zine or a digital zine via gumroad. The link for purchase will be in my bio. Have a good start ...

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