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Dwayne The Rock Johnson IS AN ABSOLUTE LIAR! HE HAS NEVER EVER BEEN 6'4 TALL BAREFOOT IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE! HE IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS LOGAN PAUL, WHO IS 6'1,5 (6'2 at most) (as the video shows)!! READ THE VIDEO'S COMMENT SECTION TOO AND YOU WILL SEE HOW HE IS ONLY 6'2!! #TheRockMoreLikeTheLiar #DwayneTheLiarJohnson #DwayneThe6 '2Johnson #Dwayne #DwayneTheRock #DwayneTheRockJohnson #TheRock #TheRoc...

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Lucky Fan | ♡ WDW Fanfiction ♡ | (on Wattpad) Jamie Tade is just another typical fan that stan in WDW’s lane. One day, her best friend decides to surprise her with a VIP pass concert ticket to the Why Don’t We’s concert for her 17th birthday. Little did she know, that surprise will change her life.

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Paul and several of his friends thought it would be cool to bring cameras to the infamous

Paul and several of his friends thought it would be cool to bring cameras to the infamous "Sea of Trees, the world's second most popular destination for suicide, to film as if they were making a updated version of the Blair Witch Project. The group saw a dead body hanging from a tree, prompting Paul to make jokes and shout mockingly at the body ("Yo, are you alive? Are you f*cking with us?) the...

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