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Kumiko is even floofier in Liz and she is really adorable T.T Link to the artist

awww <3 hibike! euphonium kumiko oumae liz to aoi tori

Damn I am not over Natsuki in sport ouftit :3 Can’t wait to see Liz for that T.T And Yuuko in sport ouftit as well? SOLD! Link to the artist

hibike! euphonium liz to aoi tori natsuki nakagawa natsuuko yuuko yoshikawa

🍎 by Lyytoaoitori Please show the original artist your appreciation by liking and sharing their post. Translation and typesetting by Ray Distance. Liz and the Blue Bird is in theaters this weekend!

girls love hibike! euphonium liz and the blue bird liz to aoi tori lyytoaoitori mizore yoroizuka nakayoshikawa natsuki nakagawa nozomi kasaki nozomizo scanlation short sound! euphonium yuri yuuko yoshikawa