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A new mini scene my dudes :P These are going to be incorporated in another project, but I thought that they made a cute scene for now ^_^ I’ll probably have some (if not all) of them listed up on my etsy in a month or so, once the project is over! Have a great long weekend y’all ~

1 inch scale begonia maculata calathea craft diy dollhouse miniature flora and fauna flowers green thumb growing plants handmade honey thistle indoor garden indoor gardening jungalow living room miniature miniature decor monstera acuminata paper craft plant life plants you can't kill portfolio potted plants small things tiny art tiny flowers tiny plants

Source: Bolaget The bean bag - cool or not cool? Personally I’d like to see more bean bags - contemporary and cool adult ones! They are not just for kids :)

arc lamp arc light bean bag bowerbird bowerbirds decor eclectic eclectic contemporary home decor interior decoration interior design interior styling interiors living room the bowerbirds