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3-D Printing Liquids

Material scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed...

*3-D Printing Liquids* Material scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a technique to print three-dimensional structures made entirely of liquids. Using a modified 3-D printer, they inject streams of surfactant-sheathed water into silicone oil to form tubes of liquid within another liquid. The threads of water have been printed with diameters ranging between 10µ...

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TRSI logo ▰ Created by J.O.E. and Thorion (of Tristar & Red Sector Inc.) and used in the “Time Zone” demo ☯92 | Watch the full demo →

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Milk + Honey Blood Orange Hand Soap // milkandhoneyproducts

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Proferror stimboard for myself bc im trassh (art is mine) ok 2 kintag -Mod Proferror proferror belongs to @loverofpiggies sources; x x x - x x - x x x

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