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Leaping back to Friday so we can start the weekend over! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️ Featuring @quinn.waay.up Ensemble: @asos_man 📷: @beautyyofmine ________________________________ #jump #leap #fashion #photography #dapperfashion #dapper #dapperlook #brightcolors #qwoc #queer #blacklesbianmagic #lgbtqia #youtubers #lgbt #lgbtq

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Pride Month is ending, but we love LGBTQIA books year-round! What are your faves, old and new?

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STOP!!!! BI!!!! ERASURE!!!!! BI PEOPLE ARE VALID REGARDLESS OF WHAT GENDER THEY DATE OR MARRY!!!! STOP THE BI SHAME!!!!! OUR BI BROTHERS AND SISTERS DESERVE OUR LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE JUST AS MUCH AS WE DESERVE THEIRS SO STOP (sorry this is badly done. i dont have an art vibe today but i saw something and it made me angry) (im not bi, but i have so many friends that are so just UGH RAGE)

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Gay Harold and Howard McBride from The Loud House! For the first day (Gay Pride) of Pride month! Want one? Message me or send me an ask!

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Read the other 10 pages HERE Trigger warnings: violence, suicide, police brutality, bullying Rest in peace and power Keisha Jenkins, and Adam Kizer. You are gone, but we still love you. This is my first of hopefully many comics made for Every Day Feminism. I’ll post a long-form of it here probably next week. In the meantime if you have $12.00 consider pledging to my Patreon. It’s like piz...

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