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hi world! u dont have to hate yourself to be ‘trans enough’! send a message to the transmeds out there that you can love your trans self! here (also available in a hoodie/tote)

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• love is love is love is comfort is challenging is growth is patient is soft is ambitious is side by side •

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Blue - Peace and Harmony For Pride Month Might do a series with different colors and representations, just for fun. Y'know? xD

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Clea DuVall on Craig Kilborn, 2003 Hi friends, I’m currently looking for clips of (closeted) lesbian and bisexual celebrities in interview during which the (typically male) interviewer commits some sort of microaggression against the interviewee, be it talking about the topic of lesbianism too long for comfort or asking the interviewee if she is dating, has a boyfriend (hi compulsory hetero...

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