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Leica IIIa and case of equipment by tgrill1 Via Flickr: A black Leica IIIa Model G from 1938 shown here with a complete case of accessories that includes a 10.5cm "mountain" Elmar f/6.3 lens, a 2.8cm f/6.3 Hektor (on the camera), a 3.5cm f/3.5 Elmar, a 5cm f/2 Summar with shade, film canisters, filters, viewfinder, film cutter, appropriate lens hoods, and cable releases.

antique camera film iiia leica vintage

Leica M4 cameras were finished in olive green for the German Bundeswehr, 1970. Via WestLicht

1970 camera fotoapparat german design leica photography

ROSS. London 2inch F1.9 | one of the rarest lenses on EARTH.

2inch f1.9 leica leica m2 lens lensporn optics rare ross london ultra rare