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Colin Davidson (b.1968), Belfast Landscape: St Anne’s from River House (2005), oil on canvas, 127 x 102 cm. Via BBC.

21st century belfast landscape cityscape colin davidson landscape landscape painting oil painting river house st anne's

Hubert Sattler, The Rock Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt (1846), oil, 133 x 105 cm. Via Wikimedia Commons.

19th century egypt hubert sattler landscape landscape painting rock temple the rock temple of abu simbel in egypt

I love playing with different artistic styles to tell different stories so here’s something a little fun and lighthearted to send you off into the weekend. I was inspired when I saw a dog just fixated on something high above in a tree. Though I couldn’t see what he was looking at, I figured it must’ve been a squirrel because I once saw this documentary called “Up” where I learned that...

digital art digital landscape digital painting dog dogs dogs of tumblr environment painting landscape painting landscape portrait park squirrel trees up up a tree

Edward Mitchell Bannister » Apple trees in a meadow

edward mitchell bannister landscape painting oil painting tree