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Sitting down with a glass of the red and getting ready to binge VtM’s LA By Night. This is a game I’ve not played since first edition. An-tica-pation. #labynight @vampiresnvino @geekandsundry #Malkavian #vampirethemasquerade @twitch

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“You. Need. To. Stop." these two seriously have the best moments(on twitter)

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Finished LA by Night so of course I had to draw Annabelle

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Catching up on LA By Night and uh Jasper sure did a goof huh ID: A black & white drawing. Jasper, a Nosferatu vampire in a hoodie, is sitting cross legged on a bench in a diner and giggling. To his side, with their backs to him, sit: Diane with curly hair & a hat and Chloe with her arm extended and flexing her biceps. The women are engaged in conversation and laughing. They are drawn in thicke...

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It’s that time again, kids, for a little wine and blood as I watch another episode of L.A. by Night. This is a wine that appeals to my dark, goth heart. Even the cork is black. 🖤 On with the show… 🖤🧛🏻‍♀️🦇 #vamily #labynight @geekandsundry @vampiresnvino @theerikaishii @bdavewalters @alexanderward777 @whitewolfentertainment @vampirethemasquerade

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i realized i’ve never drawn this power duo and had to correct that immediately! thanks to everyone who came to the stream! (on twitter)

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LA by night: this is a show intended for MATURE AUDIENCES, there are gonna be some dark themes Also LA by night: WE ARE VAMILY, I'VE GOT ALL MY VAMPIRES WITH ME \O/ ROLL FOR PARTYING