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*running start and glomp hug @alexins * ♥(⊃≧ω≦(˘ω˘⊂)♥ OMG!!!! Hun!! This is way too much!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! @_@ Red worked so hard to pull it all out! It just wouldn’t stop coming! And everything is so gorgeous! I screamed for every single piece! And even if the skeles are playing cool and punny I promise you they are internal screamed at the kustard art!! XDDD Star...

*glomp hugs* *sends love and thank you smooches* aaaaaaaaaa!!!! adorable alexins amazing amazing artist beautiful cute gorgeous i don't even know what to say i love every single piece so much! i love them!! kustard myart perfect raffel prize sans dolls sanscest silverryu sona silverryu talks stunning thank you!!! they are all perfection uf!sans underfell undertale ut!sans wonderful ♥♥♥♥♥

This is based on a prank one of my friends did to me :P And i just had to draw it ‘cause lately i just wanna draw stupid shit and stuff xD

also i can't draw-- doodle hhh i need help xd idek anymore kustard lazybonesart my reaction was just saying some stupid stuff tho xd

Sirius A is a cry baby but also has the best dads who gives them all the cuddles they need ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

beckyssketchys fankids kustard kustard family sirius a oc

Here’s some kustard! I hope you guys like it

cuddle kustard libary red sans sansxsans skeleton underfell undertale

this is for @beckyshecky again X3 i’m sorry but i just LOVE your art and YOU. YOU DESERVE ALL THE KUSTARD. AGHHH I WUV UUUU -w-

beckyshecky kustard sans underfell underfell sans undertale