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Comedy Challenge: (3/10) Comedians- Kumail Nanjiani you keep quitting and you keep quitting all through your life, and eventually you end up someplace where you don’t wanna leave

comedy challenge comedychallenge i tried to pick the cutest picture of him ahh kumail nanjiani syds summah of comedy

Look at this sweet poster! On Saturday, August 13th I’ll be performing at the Neon Venus Art Theater in the heart of Hollywood, CA with this amazing roster of comedians. Come check it out! 7023 Melrose Ave (Melrose/La Brea). 8PM. $6. Donation bar.

aparna nancherla comedy karl hess kumail nanjiani live paul cibis poster stand-up zach sherwin

It’s been real guys! Goodnight! SNL 10/14/17

kumail nanjiani saturday night live snl bumpers

Silicon Valley || 3x05 The Empty Chair “Dinesh, we need to cut every corner, save every penny, and plow it into engineers to build the platform.”

dailysv dinesh chugtai fuuuuuck kumail nanjiani lmao mine richard hendriks silicon valley sv svedit svgifs thomas middleditch

This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate our close collaborators. Nominee JR, with a cardboard cutout of Agnès Varda, posed for a portrait at this year’s Oscars Lunch. We also celebrate friendship. Here, a portrait of Oscar nominees Paul Thomas Anderson and Steven Spielberg, also from this year’s Nomination Luncheon. And of course we celebrate love. Nominees Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanji...

agnes varda collaborators emily v gordon friendship jr kumail nanjiani love oscars lunch paul thomas anderson pt anderson steven spielberg valentines day

Kumail Nanjiani & Riz Ahmed on The Late Late Show with James Corden

*tvgif colonialism comedy james corden kumail nanjiani llsedit riz ahmed the late late show with james corden