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It is finally finished!!! I had starting making this on the 13th, but never got the chance to finish it until now. This fanart is supposed to go with a recently uploaded YouTube video of mine;

beyblade burst kingdom hearts kingdom hearts riku kingdom hearts sora my art shu kurenai shu x valt shualt shuualt shuval soriku valshu valt aoi

Sorry for the lack of art on this blog. I will later post something related to this so stay tuned. :

kh kingdom hearts kingdom hearts roxas kingdom hearts sora my art rokuso rokusora ship this so hard soroku

9 Kingdom Hearts Sora icons -Credits not necessary but a like or follow would be lovely -FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ICONS, I WANNA IMPROVE BUT I GET NO REQUESTS :c -Icon page link:

gaming icons icon icons kh kh 1 kh 2 kh icon kh icons kh ii kh sora kingdom hearts kingdom hearts icons kingdom hearts sora playstation sora sora icon sora icons