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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

If not had been for Re:Coded, we wouldn’t have got to seen Roxas and learn a few things about him. It was only until Kingdom Hearts 2 which was a few years after this game that we would get a full game of Roxas, but, seeing Roxas in Re:Coded gave us a hint of Sora’s Nobody. I felt as though something was up the first time I watched the cutscene after the battle in Re:Coded with Sora defe...

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have I ever intimated that any other Kingdom Hearts game is a hot mess; if so, I apologize, I was in error (Re:)coded is the hot mess the lengths to which the side-games go to make themselves skippable is double-edged. it has the same effect as “just a dream.” what occurs provides insight into the characters/worlds, and builds a layered, folded metanarrative about other selves and the sel...

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Chapter 4: Importance of Prologue (Part 5)

Chapter 4: Importance of Prologue (Part 5)

NOTE: The following discussions you are about to read are only assumptions and theories. Only take them with a grain of salt for the time being. So let’s talk about Kingdom Hearts Re:coded again. Namine has added “hurt” into Jiminy’s journal, which creates bugs in the Datascape, and the “hurt” are from the memories that reside in Sora’s heart. She thinks that if Sora fights the b...

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Biscuit Reviews Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

Biscuit Reviews Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

This particular entry is regarded as the most hated in the franchise and for good reason. I remember picking this game up myself thinking “Square remade the Japanese exclusive mobile game? Ok guess I’ll buy it.” I did this begrudgingly and was not really looking forward to the experience. My expectations were set really low and honestly, it turned out to be a bit better than I figured it ...

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I don’t know why, but something about the DS’ soundchip makes Roxas’ theme slightly sadder. Of course, the 2.5 remade version is still better.

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No matter what you lose, you can always get it back. And that means YOU can definitely get yourself back!

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I wanted to draw the precious data boy (although Data Riku is just as precious)

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We always help friends. Even when the darkness closes in on ya, all you have to do is look inside. And that’s where you’ll find your light!

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