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Tomorrow is the big day, for the first time ever, i’ll be in front of a class, with latin and greek students.. Docendo discimus :) (We learn by teaching) But yet, first: CETERUM CENSEO CARTHAGINEM ESSE DELENDAM!! (at the moment they’re learning about the gerundive, so carthago delenda est, will be a nice sentence to start off, i guess..)

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We don't like the sight of our planet. Everybody is screaming for change...

👨 👴 *A FACE OF FREEDOM* 👨 👴 *We don't like the sight of our planet. Everybody is screaming for change. In our selfish minds. We try to change it our way. The result are scaring. A word divided, not a pretty sight. This doesn't work. We have to act different. Humanity be free will give the world a new face. A face of freedom.* #friends #friendship #love #care #miss #kiss #lovely #b...

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I am the last picture… It’s illegal to be that cute !!!

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Now that spring is finally on its way, the children can go outside to play instead of being cooped up all day! Here’s an idea that would make bubbles even more amazing:)

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