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OOC: Highlighted key parts! You know my color codes by now; blues and purples are the most important compared to yellow/oranges

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how is this guy’s hair even REAL ugh.. axel practice ; ;

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REUPLOAD from my old (now deleted) art blog, stardustblitz.

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I’m going to be emotional about this trailer for months

aqua coc draw kh kh 2.8 kh 2.8 final chapter prologue kh final chapter prologue kingdom hearts

so this happened while I was screenshotting today. It was so beautiful and I couldn’t think of a good enough caption so I am presenting it to you sans text on the image. obvious context - Sora just told Kingdom Hearts (or the Door to Darkness or whatever the fuck that thing was) that it was in fact Light and it was like “OH YEAH” so it fired light out at “Ansem” who is like “Dude ...

ansem ansem seeker of darkness i need to sleep kh kh1 khone kingdom hearts kingdom hearts is light wtf

digital version of this love this boy…

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Anyway, I am so glad I got to finally draw my other favorite piece of trash. Bless this man and his stupid face. —- More of my art at @sorakachanart ☆I do commissions and accept donations. Please consider helping me pay my medical bills!☆

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