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Zexion. It’s been awhile. Here he is in watercolor.

art cloaked schemer ienzo kh kh2 final mix kingdom hearts lastaimart watercolor zexion

I spended the whole day trying to dowload this game (thanks internet) And when i saw this scene i could only think of this Sorry not sorry

deltarune i cant believe i did this kh kingdom hearts shitpost sorry not sorry undertale undertale 2

Hey, fighting dreamers! Konoha High Artist and Writer Applications are opening in 4 days! Apps are open from Nov. 19 - December 13! Take a look at our schedule! FAQ can be found here

apps open kh konoha high naruto naruto zine

halloween town riku… I wish he had a lovely spooky look like sora does!!! @nikutsuneart and I sat down a few nights ago tho and talked about designs for him, and this is what I came up with. love me a wolf boy (commissions) /

digital art fanart halloween town kh kh riku kingdom hearts my art riku riku (kingdom hearts) sketch vv art werewolf

There’s a new Dream Eater called Beatalike and it’s a skateboarding elephant wearing a beanie I’m weak

dream drop distance final chapter prologue i hope there's others like a rhyme bunny it's beat as an elephant kh kh2.8 kingdom hearts omfg the world ends with you twewy