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When you’re a samurai who is several centuries old but you still know how to put people in their place online.

anime black relic kennosuke kennosuke tokisada ouma kuromukuro like a boss no holding back ouma tokisada

How dare??? Kuromukuro do this to me??? I need to see the cute samurai and his dumb wife get together, not angst FOR 84 5 YEARS. HE CALLED HER HIS WIFE OKAY. IMMA NEED YOU TO GIVE ME SAP AND FLUFF, NOT ANGST.

angssttt angst kennosuke kennosuke x yukina kuromukuro spoilers they better have a ship name yukina shirahane

Weeb Wednesday: Kuromukuro (The Black Relic) (2016) 26 episodes (Netflix) Mecha, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action Kuromukuro is a mecha anime telling the tale of Yukina, a high school girl whose mother works at a high tech government facility. One day while on a visit, an unidentified object crashes nearby, and the result is an invasion by robotic beings which destroy everything in their path. However, ...

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