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sense8 gifs (12/?): you will feel snow in the middle of the summer, rain when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. you’ll feel anger and joy and pain… pleasure, without any reason.

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gtkmm → favorite female characters. KALA DANDEKAR. “I’m not like Sun. I do not know how to use my fists, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.”

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“For starters, there are people. People that I feel connected to, all over the world, that are innocent, yet they are locked up in prison. And they are trapped by circumstance or by things that have happened in the past. And then there are people without the privilege that we have and they feel threatened because they love a person who the world has decided that they shouldn’t love. It’s ...

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SPOILER Tina and Valeria filming in Naples. “Kala and Lila make Kali- destroyer of evil” Whaaaaat?

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sense8 quotes (8/?): i take everything i am feeling, everything that matters to me. i push all of it into my fist and i fight for it. - sun bak, @sense8 (this gif seems appropriate for the last day of filming for the sense8 special)

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