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It breaks my heart to pieces thinking about whatever happened to Asifa. When will they stop doing this to girls?? Are they really Humans? I don’t think so.. It’s HIGH TIME! We Can’t let this Happen Again!! Plz!! #JusticeForAs

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RT @iam_juhi: I can't explain the storm inside. Sorry Asifa! #JusticeForAsifa https://t.co/UJlWRnrEWi

RT @VjRiaz: Here’s the speech of #Kohli for #Asifa Hats off to his guts 👏👏 #JusticeforAsifa https://t.co/tt

RT @ajplus: An 8-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered. Activists want #JusticeForAsifa. https://t.co/iDekK4OVUi

#JusticeforAsifa Those rapist's deserve penectomy !!

' Modi, Modi, Shame, shame!' #JusticeforAsifa #ModiNotWelcome March in London