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I'm an Indian. I feel sad, helpless & seek justice for little Asifa. I'm not a psuedo intellect. I am not ashamed of my country no matter what. And I will do what I can to make it better. #JusticeforAsifa


Let’s protest against Padmaavat. And let’s go after Salman Khan for killing an animal. And what about these real animals? 8 year old raped over 8 days. That’s my country. #ashamed #justiceforasifa. @narend

ashamed justiceforasifa

#JusticeForAsifa I deeply felt very sad 😢 for what happened to ASIFA , It so Cruel & Inhuman. I do stand & fight for the justice to her


अगर 8 साल की बच्ची के चेहरे पर मासूमियत की जगह आपको हिन्दू-मुसलमान दिख

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We couldn't protect an 8 year daughter. So so embarrassed and ashamed of this inhuman act. May you rest in peace my dear. Praying these kind of acts never happen hereafter. #JusticeforAsifa


#castraterapists #justiceforasifa #fightagainstrape !!! We've got to know about Asifa... there are so many girls/women who are raped everyday and we dont even get to know!!! Lets fight for a change in the system...Fight for NO MERCY for the it whoever..whereever!!!

castraterapists fightagainstrape justiceforasifa

This is ASIFA’S voice. This is MY voice. This is HERS’ voice. This is OUR voice. This is a hymn to all the men accused that have touched HER after SHE plead no and to all the lawyers and politicians who are backing the accused: Stop settling. This land is not yours to take, and this skin is not yours to delve. The gold in my eyes and the gold in my hair is no...

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Sorry dear. We failed you, the country failed you, the humanity failed you😥 What has the world become? So deepened and broken for what happened to this 8 years old Asifa. Rest in peace dear. I'm sure you're at a better place Now. #JusticeforAs