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4arms, a closed species by @rynies! These two are $70 bucks each! 【Patreon ▪ Instagram ▪ Twitter ▪ Furaffinity ▪ Picarto ▪ Youtube】

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I actually deal with most of my problems via floor pretzel

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Let these poor boys sleep 【Patreon ▪ Instagram ▪ Twitter ▪ Furaffinity ▪ Picarto ▪ Youtube】

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Ringleader Robber concept art for Clonecakes StarDragons closedspecies © @deletethestars, @cuttleskulls, @clonecakes ★✧ °・ Deviantart | Furaffinity | Twitter | Picarto | Commissions ・° ✧★

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Small therapeutic doodle I love them…

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*Design Challenge!* Above is our old flyer for Just Art I, with the details changed for our upcoming Just Art II. Lame? Yeah, we know. We think we can do better. Actually, we think you can do better, and we’re running a design challenge to prove it. Submit a poster design for Just Art II, Truth vs. Propaganda: Making (Good) Art for Good, and you ...

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