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Okay, guys this is one of me and my sister’s crazed idea. Dark Asra / Reversed Asra and Dark Julian / Reversed Julian. And you’re probably wondering where’ s Dark Nadia in the picture, well I haven’t gotten her done yet, cause I’m still coloring my Ravin Masquerade. So Please enjoy and let me here what you think of it. And I’ll do my best to finish up Dark Nadia, color them and po...

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Commission work for @xroguex1027 of her lovely Arcana OC with Julian. Thank you so much for the chance to draw these cuties, it was a lot of fun! KOFI - Like my work? Support me! COMMISSION INFO - Want a commission?

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Ballet au. I’m a sucker for ballet aus! Here’s Julian being (surprisingly) elegant! It kinda fits him! :-D

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I love this man, and I love this game. fucking beautiful masochist man.

couldnt decide on sad or sexy julian devorak look at this boi ropes so i drew both the arcana

I was too lazy to draw the cape honestly. I also switched to FireAlpaca, and it’s weird. I made an instagram account too: katsura_otoko13

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The recent book had loads of potential ideas for future drawings…this is what I chose to do.

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