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yumuseum : *IT’S A THIN LINE: THE ERUV AND JEWISH SPACE IN NEW YORK AND BEYOND* Opening October 29th, 2012  Learn more at h...

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“Il consiglio? Avere coraggio, aiutare gli altri e studiare” Addio Rav Toaff resterai per sempre nel mio cuore

70s black and white elio toaff israel italian rabbanim jewish jewish community rabbi rabbino rav teacher vintage

1960: Yemenite Jew repairing scrolls of an old Torah.

arabia jew jewish yemen yemenite

A Jew looks like me!!!! Not all Jews are white(passing): I’m a quarter Indian, from my mom’s dad. She converted, but that doesn’t make her any less Jewish. My dad’s family is full Ashkenazi Jewish, but somehow I didn’t get any of the stereotypically-Jewish genes from him (except maybe the curly hair?) I’ve started wearing a Magen David necklace because man, I want people to know I...

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Bene Israel teachers in India, 1855-1862.

19th century bene israel india indian jews jewish