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Dont Fall Asleep when she is near to you ~

jessie katcat o.s oversleeper sleeper girl

A Fan Art Gift for @atroxchobatsu @smokingpencil !! Such cute Characters ! And heres Jessie too x3 I should have put Merri there too :D

bunny cartoon celie laughter feline gift jessie jessie katcat sarah sarah n. dippity scout dippity

An Apology Art for the Previous Art of the Power gi- i mean Smash Girl!! Im very sorry about that :S

jessie jessie katcat smash girl spazkidin3d

Heres Satomi and Setsuri my other OC :3

jessie katcat satomi kumamine setsuri

Its not X’mas but heres some X’mas versions of my OC’s

christmas feline jessie jessie katcat o.s oversleeper santa outfit sleeper girl x'mas

Jessie: “H-Hey Sofia , i made some Cookies for you nyehehe (^◇^;)” Sofia: “…” A Gift for @nevarky And heres a extra Sketch (Nevarky version)! I hope you guys like it ! Wew i havent colored for so long ;P

gift jessie jessie katcat nevarky sofia