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[News] La última canción estreno el 30 de diciembre

[News] La última canción estreno el 30 de diciembre

LA ÚLTIMA CANCIÓN (Tumbledown) es una comedia romántica aliñada con elementos del cine indie americano. Una película sobre las segundas oportunidades que brinda la vida, sobre una mujer que encuentra en un aspirante a escritor la fuerza necesaria para recomponerse tras la muerte de su marido, un famoso cantante folk. Sean Mewshaw debuta en el largo con esta comedia protagonizada por la ga...

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Box-office US du 22/05/16 :

Box-office US du 22/05/16 : "Angry Birds" en tête, happy l'oiseau ?

Box-office US du 22/05/16 : “Angry Birds” en tête, happy l'oiseau ? Les oiseaux fâchés ne vont pas le rester longtemps puisqu'il prenne la tête du box-office pour leur premier envol en salles. “Captain America Civil War” approche déjà des 350 millions de dollars de recette et dépasse le milliard dans le monde ! Angry Birds Le Film – Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly Les oiseaux fâch...

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Very good movie that deals with more than just a race but actual racism. A very apropos title. This movie is not a biopic but one that covers the Olympics in Berlin while Hitler and the Nazi’s are in power and a little bit before Jessie shows up to the games. Jessie shows up for his first day of college and meets his new coach Larry Snyder who has a past as a record holder in track and had a…...

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#971/ #103 Race Following the career of athlete Jessie Owens (Stephan James) during his college years including his decision to take part in and compete at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games under Nazi rule. Jessie Owens is one of those names synonymous with greatness but I didn’t really know all that much about his achievements so this was an interesting way to see some of the struggles he had...

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RACE - Trailer Debut for Jesse Owens Biopic

RACE - Trailer Debut for Jesse Owens Biopic

RACE – Trailer Debut for Jesse Owens Biopic Watch the exclusive trailer debut of the upcoming Focus Features release, RACE, from Yahoo! Movies: RACE releases nationwide from Focus Features on February 19, 2016 Based on the incredible true story of Jesse Owens, the legendary athletic superstar whose ...

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“DOWNSIZING” SERÁ LA CINTA INAUGURAL EN EL FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE VENECIA Downsizing, del reconocido director Alexander Payne, será la cinta inaugural de la 74° edición del Festival Internacional de Cine de Venecia.

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