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Want to feel like you’re living in a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel? Then you’ll need one of these.

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Beautiful man next to a beautiful car! And, btw, I totally called it. I picked the Jaguar F-TYPE as Rupert’s dream car. See here!

by: sydney do i know this man or what fmrf i'd pick the man over the car any day instagram jaguar or it was a lucky guess oscar party

BEAUTIFUL SNOW LEOPARD PAIR ~ Love of family - even in the...

AMAZING SHOTS AFFECTIONATE SNOW LEOPARDS  BEAUTIFUL SNOW LEOPARD PAIR ~ Love of family - even in the animal kingdom! It includes four feline species in the genus Panthera : the lion (Panthera leo), tiger (Panthera tigris), leopard (Panthera pardus) and the jaguar (Panthera onca). The members of this genus are the only ones able to roar, and this is considered as a feature of the big cats. Al...

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