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20180203 ホリNS木曜祭2017 - 佐藤すみれ / 岩田華怜 (おいでシャンプー )

iwata karen sato sumire おいでシャンプー ホリns木曜祭2017 佐藤すみれ 岩田華怜

ダンガンロンパ THE STAGE 2016 ~希望の学園と絶望の高校生~ 制作発表会

akb48 gifs iwata karen karen iwata

Scan of my extra large Katsumi Liqueur (Iwata Karen) exclusive premier ticket bromide from the Silent Möbius stage play. This piece of merchandise came with an autographed sheet from the actress. ^^

<3 but oh man all of them iwata karen katsumi liqueur particularly kiddy because of course scan: hotwaterandmilk silent mobius silent mobius stage play silent möbius silent möbius stage play still eternally searching for other stage play merch