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“Big Catch” :  It’s been 3 years since I made this fishy skateboard installation, and now, for the second time on the wall, it’s a part of a group exhibition titled “Retroperspective” in HDLU,Zagreb ( my mom by the fish)  video -making of :

eye fish hdlu installation lonac sculpture skateart skateboarding sprayart zagreb

Wiikiaami in the Fall | I determined the siting of the project last year in early-November. I have always thought it would look best this time of year. It exists in its context like an animal and augments the way we see nature and Saarinen(s). 📷: @jonathan_nesci #natureisme #exhibitcolumbus #millerprize #wiikiaami #architecture #art #design #indigenousdesign #instaart #instaarch #cornelius #...

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Karl Larsson - Washing Rimbaud’s Heart, 2014 wood, copper, beach stones 379 x 309 x 142 cm

art contemporary art installation karl larsson

Michael Landy, Doubting Thomas, 2013, Mixed media, 205 x 185 x 80 cm, Michael Landy, courtesy of the Thomas Dane Gallery, London, © Michael Landy, courtesy of the Thomas Dane Gallery, London / Photo: The National Gallery, London. (via archivemichaellandy)

art art historical reference art history installation mechanical sculpture michael landy sculpture

Cristina Iglesias, Under the Surface, (2011).

art contemporary art cristina iglesias installation