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桜一@三軒茶屋 三茶に鍋が美味しいお店があったとは..😍隠れ家的な居酒屋ですが、お通しからやられました✨😆お鍋もボリュームたっぷりでオススメです👍 #桜一 #三軒茶屋 #gossipdish #さくらい #sangenjaya #tokyo #japan #鍋 #instafood #foodporn #foodie #yum (桜一)

foodie foodporn gossipdish instafood japan sangenjaya tokyo yum さくらい 三軒茶屋 桜一

Isn’t it funny to think some years ago social media wasn’t a big thing?⠀ These days our world revolves around it. ⠀ I remember a couple of years ago when I broke my phone and didn’t have one for around 2 weeks⠀ I was basically cut off from the rest of the world and had to borrow my friends to call my parents⠀ It was so weird being cut off from that part of the world and someti...

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